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April Fools Ways to Die

April Fools Ways to Die is a short video uploaded by DumbWays2Die. The description to the video says: "Do not set your dad on fire - a message from Metro. Also, be safe around trains."


Numpty's child is rigging a whoopee cushion, is seen putting a stick in a boot, and fire the fireplace. Numpty himself walks in now, and sits down. The whoopee cushion makes the fart noise, and the boot kicks Numpty in to the fireplace.

In the ending, Numpty is seen with his child at the train station. His child pulls him away from the platform edge, and a train passes by it.




  • Numpty's gender was revealed by the description of this video.
  • This video is among the medias that depicts Numpty's head being set on fire. The other is his bio where he got his head set on fire cause he discovered the fire and played with it in his curiosity.
    • This misled many fans to thinking that this is how his head was originally set on fire in the music video.
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