The Bear or Grizzly bear is the first animal that appears in Dumb Ways to Die. It is shown along with Hapless during his scene.


In the video, Hapless pokes a stick at the bear, and the bear eats Hapless' head.


Dumb Ways to Die appEdit


In the app, the Bear will eat Hapless's head if the player taps the screen too early or too late. If the player wins, the Bear will spit out a bunch of candies.

The Bear is in Hapless's new minigame who is sleeping. If the player taps too fast or too slow, the bear will wake up and eat Hapless' head off again, resulting in failure. If the player wins, Hapless will go to the ice cream machine and the bear will still be sleeping. 

Dumb Ways to Die 2 the GamesEdit

A Bear is also seen in the minigame Grizzly Bear Salmon Catch in Camp Catastrophe, who tries to catch Salmon against Zany.

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