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Gabriel14louis Gabriel14louis 2 days ago

App Scores (My Way)

This are my App Scores in My Way

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Stevemadson Stevemadson 24 May

Dumb Ways to Die II: Adventures in Saga

Dumb Ways to Die II: Adventures in Saga is a sequel to the remake app.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Promotion
  • 3 Game
    • 3.1 Premise

As part of the promotional countdown, a series of video trailers were released on the website, and Print Advertising were distibuted.

The game was finally released for all iOS devices on September 17, 2018. An Android-compatible version was released on October 8, 2018.

A Microsoft Store was released September 16, 2019.

See Dumb Ways to Die 2/Cast

On September 17, 2018, the game was finally released through the iTunes App Store for iOS devices only. The mechanics of the game are reminiscent of the previous game, but this time, on an expanded scale.

The game is divided into a range of worlds: Sport Offers, Aquarium Ten, Frozeniversity, The Cha…

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Collagen Collagen 6 April

REPORT - Megathread

Due to the problem that anonymous users cannot reply posts in the Discussion, we have moved the discussion thread to a blog post.

If you found something that is potentially violating the Wiki Policies, please copy the link of the content, or write the reported user's username/ip here. Shortly an admin will respond to you.

I found someone else behaving inappropriately. Would you like to take a look at the below link? https://dumbways2die.fandom.com/wiki/Numpty?commentId=0000000000&replyId=0000000000
  • This post is only for reports; any other non-admin commentary will be removed.
    • To reply on a comment, please start discussing in the Message Wall of either side or anywhere else instead of leaving replies here. (Added on May 9, 2021)
  • Any kind of fals…

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RoninThomasVideos RoninThomasVideos 23 March

DWtD Parodies

It is a parody with a different instrumental, created with the help of the original DWTD production crew.

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Jmandin47 Jmandin47 9 March

I Died In A Dumb Way

This is a parody of I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. The Dumb Ways To Die characters are singing the song with their own lyrics. Here are the lyrics.

Numpty: Yeah. I got set on fire. The flames rise higher. I screamed, and I’ll say. I died in a dumb way.

Dunce: Money’s what I wanted to get. Sold kidneys on the net. For the pay. I died in a dumb way.

Numpty: When I died.

Pillock & Calamity: Ain't nothin' but an intake.

Numpty: When I died.

Doomed & Bungle: Ain't nothin' but a mistake.

Numpty: Tell me why.

Mishap: I won’t deny when you say.

Everyone: I died in a dumb way.

Dimwit: I cut the wrong wire. My house on fire. When it burned, it was too late. I died in a dumb way.

Numpty: When I died.

Lax: Ain't nothin' but an intake.

Numpty: When I died.


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RubyStarz1 RubyStarz1 25 February

Do you guys ship my oc with anybody?

my oc btw

also if ur like u shouldnt ship ur bean with fictonial characters just dont even comment just move on with your day or say it in a nice way so yea :3

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Bombardyou Bombardyou 24 February


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Bombardyou Bombardyou 24 February


  • Dumedit play her Phone to play Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour
  • similar to Calamity
  • Get Dumedit play phone

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Bombardyou Bombardyou 24 February


Dumedit is a bean She plays her phone just like a Calamity her phone is battery

  • 1 Appearances

  • just like Calamity
  • Dumedit is female

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Numskull's Adventures Of Blues Clues

(Numskull And Blue goes to clue adventure with doofus as night, calamity as laughter, pillock as rug,

Mishap as friends, Dunce as circle, Dimwit as up, Hapless as heart, Bonehead as unhappy, Dippy as

  • water, Ninny as curved line, Doomed as mouth, Bungle as sound (hee hee hee) Botch as planet, Stupe as bug,
  • Clod as Horse Dummkopf as red with black spots, Putz as wall, Numpty As Egg, Loopy as
  • diamond, Dumbbell as evening, Lax as wings, and Stumble as sun, Only Numskull wears a rainbow outfit as
  • flashing colors)

Numskull: Hi. I'm Numskull as flashing colours. And this is Blue the puppy.

Blue: Bow-Bow

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Nazar the glorious312 Nazar the glorious312 30 January

Sheakspeare made you die

(all characters look just like they do in the original, but with some more standard designs (aka. The circles are oval shaped, all limbs are present normally unless they are lost ect.)

(all more complicated things will be settled by text)


Get bitten by a snake!

(Cleopatra puts the snake on her arm, which bites her, causing her to turn green and grow bumps on her face before collapsing)

Drink poison wine by mistake!

(Gertrude takes a sip of the wine before voimiting into the goblet and collapsing)

Chopped to bits and baked in a pie!

(Demetrius gets decapitated by a sword with his head landing in a cauldron)

Have a heart attack when they've torn out your eyes!

(Gloucester is panicking with his eyes in his hands, but with a visible, geometric h…

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ReptileLover136 ReptileLover136 29 December 2020

Do you think Hapless is addicted to candy

All of his mini-games, he either gets candy or ice cream. This makes me believe he has a sugar addiction. Do you agree with me?

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Raiinxbxws Raiinxbxws 8 December 2020

Borx ( aka boffo )


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Arminakter8 Arminakter8 6 December 2020

Bungle Dryer

Bungle is Clod's rival and he don't apologise that one

As Super Bee

In Stoneheart and Animaestro , Bungle blows his bubblegum on Numskull's head , Bungle blows a bubble with gum and spit the gum in the spoon

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GallimimusBoi GallimimusBoi 27 November 2020

Dumb Ways To Die in Real Life

  • Numpty - Burns alive (If left at a certain time he could burn alive)
  • Hapless - Eaten by a bear (It would take effort for a bear to fully eat a head)
  • Pillock - Eats expired medicine and has lumps around him (Expired medicine would make him sick, not puff his body up)
  • Dippy - Killed by piranhas (Piranhas are known to tear through cow bones, and bean bones are no problem)
  • Dummkopf - Electrocuted into a skeleton (Electricity does NOT ash you up or make you a skeleton)
  • Dimwit - Burnt alive (He would be ashed up, at least not to a skeleton though)
  • Stupe - Falls down and his head slides off (This could probably happen EXTREMELY rarely that a limb slides off from falling)
  • Lax - Vomits and dies (If he got really sick that could happen)
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GallimimusBoi GallimimusBoi 21 November 2020

Ninny's Gender Controversy

There is a recent controversy about Ninny's gender, because of Dumb Ways To Valentine. Dunce (yes another male character) apparently falls in love with Ninny. That makes a lot of people think of him as female. However, Metro confirmed he was male.

This is my theory so don't edit. Disagreement is alright. It could also not be Ninny but an unconfirmed sister that he had that dunce falls in love with. That "Ninny" is different because she has less of a passion for red objects and has eyelashes, which the regular Ninny does not have.

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ReptileLover136 ReptileLover136 21 November 2020

Age Of All Characters

These are just estimates.

Numpty - Considering that he does public speaking for baldness, im guessing between 35-40, im assuming 38.

Hapless - He is very immature, 10 years old would be perfect?

Pillock - 26 would be fine considering that he could make medicine at this age.

Dippy - Not as mature as others, 15 would be fine.

Dummkopf - Acts young, but older than Hapless. Maybe 12.

Dimwit - People could start construction at the 20s, so 22 would be.

Stupe - His height isn't tall. 13 or 14 would be okay.

Lax - Probably 18 based on his personality.

Clod - Retired salesman, 37 would be suitable.

Doomed - Immature, Probably 14 is acceptable.

Numskull - 46, she could take astronomy seriously at that age.

Bungle - 11 Maybe, he is young but playful, and hid in…

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ReptileLover136 ReptileLover136 31 October 2020

Dumb Ways To Die: The Roleplay (ROBLOX)

This game was published to ROBLOX by ReptileLoverAgain136. It's where you can play as the beans.

LINK HERE: https://web.roblox.com/games/5898747914/Dumb-Ways-To-Die-The-Roleplay

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IndieTheCat IndieTheCat 30 August 2020

just a reminder

TBH I think this is too late to say this but.

if Metro ever makes a new character and people argue about its color we can simply call them "greenish-yellow" "purplish-red" etc and put them in the Misc. Colour category and put them in both color categories or make a "mixture" color category like how the turquoise category was created for the characters that have a bluish-green color

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IndieTheCat IndieTheCat 7 August 2020

Whats your favorite DWtD application and why is it your favorite?

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Eggguin Eggguin 2 July 2020

Weekly team leaderboard

pldege aligence to calamity

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IndieTheCat IndieTheCat 22 June 2020

Cut Stuff in Dumb Ways to Die

Note: This is a draft, not an actual page.

These are stuff that was scrapped.

  • 1 Characters
    • 1.1 Beta Design
      • 1.1.1 Sketch
      • 1.1.2 Colored Sketch
    • 1.2 Pitched
      • 1.2.1 Sketch
      • 1.2.2 Colored Sketch
  • 2 Storyboard
    • 2.1 Verse 1
    • 2.2 Chorus
    • 2.3 Verse 2
    • 2.4 Chorus
  • 3 Trivia

  • Botch originally had a giant hole in his chest and his moose hat was bigger.
  • Hapless mouth was still visible when the bear ate his head.
  • Originally in Hapless' line, the bear grabbed him and then ate a part of his head off.
  • Possibly Dimwit or Dummkopf beta design.
  • Originally in the chorus, the angelic beans fall down from the sky and then land on clouds.

  • Like in the sketch, Botch has a giant hole in his chest except that his body was longer, his legs were shorter and he originally wore orange boots.
  • Like in the sketch, Hap…

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Moddy Lee Moddy Lee 22 June 2020


  • blog is made of fandom!
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YourLocalArtist2007 YourLocalArtist2007 30 May 2020

A DWTD Related project i thought i'd share

So a while ago I watched this one youtube video where someone made some of the characters out of modeling clay, however they weren't all that great. So I decided that I would make some of my own!

The faces and Dunce's stitches are drawn on with sharpie, but Clod's eyes and Mishap's teeth are made with colored clay. All of their body parts were made separately and glued together after they hardened.

I hope you like them!

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IndieTheCat IndieTheCat 21 May 2020

theres a new game coming out soon

on the offical Dumb Ways to Die tiktok account they posted a preview of a new game, the name of the new game is called DWTD Super Hero Academy

heres some screenshot

the tiktok account also says that it will be coming out on May 28th

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Gallery of Area Fiftydumb

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 4 May 2020

The Many Deaths of the Beans

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IndieTheCat IndieTheCat 17 April 2020

so is any one going to talk about this bean?

im pretty interested on how this guy will act in the series

im also interested on how they were able to twist their body like that

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Nazar the glorious312 Nazar the glorious312 12 April 2020

Dumb ways to die: RTD

this song only contains 3 verses and 1 chorus (the verses have the same music as the last 3 verses in the original)

Stand too close to the road when the bus comes (Arnold)

(Arnold is waiting for the bus near the road, the bus goes onscreen and decapitates him like in the image)

Run in front of the bus while trying to get on (Blunder)

(Blunder is catching up to a bus, witch switches lanes and runs Blunder over)

Ride your bike across the street (Crash)

(Crash is riding his bike across the road, a bus drives in from behind and hits Crash)

They may not rhyme but they're quite possibly...

(Arnold's body, head and cap, witch is now on backwards, fall from the sky in that order, after that Arnold starts dancing the same dance as stupe in the original)


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Nazar the glorious312 Nazar the glorious312 2 April 2020

dumb ways to die: 3rd and 2nd world

warning! this may break some kind of rule, it's my first time

names of characters will be displayed is brackets like this (name)

  • 1 Group 1
  • 2 Chorus
  • 3 Group 2
  • 4 Group 3
  • 5 Group 4
  • 6 Group 5
  • 7 last chorus

starve on the street (haggard)

anger the terrorists (heedless)

walk into Hong Kong, when you're Chinesse (Shǎ)

be a victim of the Sentenelese (credulous)


dumb ways to die!

so many dumb ways to die!

dumb ways to die-e-e!

so many dumb ways to die!

dissagre with Kim Jong Un (bellicose)

Have your town be etnically diverse (chaste)

walk into a slum and be targeted by thugs (dolt)

go to Caracas and snort too many drugs (zealot)


overdose on alcochol (buff)

get picked up by a tornado (reprobate)

eat food poisoned with devil's breath (gorger)

stop on the road and g…

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Floranieknowlenge Floranieknowlenge 1 April 2020

my oc

name: lily


species: cat

damage: 70

like: edgy, rap song

dislike: cute sweet aand candyland


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HarrySpartan HarrySpartan 8 February 2020

Dumb Ways To Die The Movie

Loopy:You Know Harry Spartan Wanted To Make Uhh... Dumb Ways To Die The Movie.... *cry softly*

Child 1:HaHaHa Look At Them He's A CryBaby

Loopy:I'm Not A Crybaby

Child 2:Yeah You Are

Loopy:No I'm Not

All The Children Laughing*

Announcer:What A CryBaby

Loopy:Shut Up *crying run away*

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Cybertomboy2049 Cybertomboy2049 19 December 2019

Dwtd Characters: my headcannons


personality: usually nice, but gets angry when something reminds him of the incident.

headcannon: there was an incident when he was four years old, that he was attacked by cats and almost died. He is now traumatised by the incident.


Personality: innocent and precious, always stays happy

Headcannon: is a furry, likes animals, and uses furry dialect.


Personality: forgetful, absent minded, but somehow smart

Headcannon: suffers from insomnia.


Personality: a huge weirdo, obsessed with liquid

Headcannon: was created in a failed experiment. DNA is made of 40% bean 10% fish 30% shark and 20% sea otter


Personality: comes up with crazy inventions.

Headcannon: speaks fluently in German. Is Hapless' distant uncle 



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Armi.n097 Armi.n097 11 December 2019

Balthazar Bratt

In Despicable Me 3 . He blowing his bubblegum

Trivia .

Balthazar Bratt is a villian from his lair

Gender: Male

Gum: Bubblegum


Apperances: Despicable Me 3


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Cybertomboy2049 Cybertomboy2049 11 October 2019

My OC Imbecile

Name: Imbecile


Death: got sliced in half by a buzz saw

Dance : standard dancer 

Relatives: Doofus ( distant cousin)

Crushes: Stupa

Personality: inattentive, clumsy, forgetful 

I drew this all by myself, and I tried hard to make it look like an actual character.

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Cybertomboy2049 Cybertomboy2049 8 October 2019

Dumb ways to die humanised scenes

Hello my name is Cyber Tomboy and I like to draw fanart of humanised characters, inspired by Zhongyuquing, and the draw your squad memes. So, without further ado, let's get on with it.

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Cybertomboy2049 Cybertomboy2049 6 October 2019

The girls of dumb ways to die

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Botch De Shindeiru! Botch De Shindeiru! 11 November 2018

making a dwtd quiz

Hi guys, it's Botch here with some images that I'd like to show you. there's the easy one and there's the HARD one. here's the easy one. and the hard one. so good luck figuring it out!

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TSRITW TSRITW 23 October 2018

Dumb Arguments

  • 1 Verse I
  • 2 Chorus I
  • 3 Verse II
  • 4 Chorus II
  • 5 Verse III
  • 6 Chorus III

Refuse to vaccinate

They'll die before they get to be eight

Dumb arguments

So many dumb arguments

Dumb argume-e-ents

So many dumb arguments

Florine's toxic in high amounts

But it's the dose that really counts

Dumb arguments

So many dumb arguments

Dumb argume-e-ents

So many dumb arguments

Think that the earth is flat

There are many ways to disprove that

Dumb arguments

So many dumb arguments

Dumb argume-e-ents

So many dumb arguments

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TSRITW TSRITW 23 July 2018

Idiotic Suicides (Realistic DWTD)

Some lyrics remain unchanged because they're actually deadly. Those real deadly ways to die are written in italics.

Verse 1

Set fire to your skin,

Drink way too much gin,

Eat medicine with deadly side effects,

Use your private parts as bait for T-rex,


Idiotic suicides,

Numerous idiotic suicides

Idiotic suici-i-ides,

Realistic idiotic suicides

Verse 2

Get your toast out with a fork

Be colorblind and do electrical work

Teach yourself how to fly

Eat a twelve year old unrefrigerated pie


Verse 3

Invite a deadly plague inside

Somehow consume cyanide

Take your helmet off in outer space

Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place


Verse 4

Keep a poison dart frog as pet

Sell your brain, heart, or lungs on the internet

Eat a tube of superglue…

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MewandCompany MewandCompany 17 July 2018

DWTD as Eeveelutions

  • Numpty - Flareon
  • Hapless - Eevee
  • Pillock - Espeon
  • Dippy - Vaporeon
  • Dummbkopf - Slyveon
  • Dimwit - Umbreon
  • Stupe - Jolteon
  • Lax - Glaceon
  • Clod - Umbreon
  • Doomed - Unknown (might be an espeon)
  • Numskull - Leafeon
  • Bungle - Eevee
  • Mishap - Leafeon
  • Dunce - Glaceon
  • Calamity - Eevee
  • Ninny - Jolteon
  • Botch - Flareon
  • Doofus - Eevee
  • Stumble - Espeon
  • Bonehead - Vaporeon
  • Putz - Eevee
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MewandCompany MewandCompany 3 July 2018

DWTD 2 characters with superpowers

Read the journal: https://mrsmewgirl24.deviantart.com/journal/DWTD-2-characters-superpowers-750977324

I'm looking for superpowers for Boffo Loco, Zany, Ruckus and Skellieflop.

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Brian.guo1 Brian.guo1 6 June 2018

me right now, in quotes (unrelated to DWtD)

When unattributed, assume the author is unknown or anonymous.

  • If I ever get hit by a car
    Thank the man behind the wheel
    Because he took me away
    From a place I didn't want to be
    And if I ever get shot
    Tell the man who pulled the trigger
    That he just did what I was
    Always too scared to do
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones;
    words will also hurt me.
    Compliments make me uncomfortable;
    I have social anxiety.
    I’m a wreck.
    Just go…
  • Roses are dead, violets are dying.
    Outside I’m smiling, inside I’m crying.
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ReefChong ReefChong 20 March 2018


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ReefChong ReefChong 20 March 2018


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Collagen Collagen 7 January 2018

The revampment for Infobox is done..

I edited Template:Infobox to convert it to Portable infobox and also have reverted hex color parameters back as it was nothing efficient and pretty inconvenient to managing Template:Color1 for importing hex colors.

However, I had to remove whole color name parameters because it's quite subjective to name them and I think it'd just okay to represent their color scheme with hex colors since the hex color itself already indicates their true color.

If you have any opinions regarding new infobox layout, feel free to comment here and I'd appreciate to hear it.

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Thedrksiren Thedrksiren 5 January 2018

CopyCat (the Song From Gumi Megpoid)

Lyrics: Say:"Hello, Who are you?" And we'll start from scratch again "Gotta go, Talk to you soon!" Day by day, I'm fading away We get along just fine I say everything you like to hear "It's funny how much I Feel like I'm looking in a mirror" I can't remember... Who I am... Everything's a blur... Take me over... I'll BECOME WHAT YOU LIKE THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE WANTED, RIGHT!? SACRIFICE ALL I KNOW I WILL TEACH MYSELF TO LET GO (WHOA, WHOA) COPY THAT, COPYCAT (WHOA, WHOA) COPY THAT, COPYCAT Say:"Hello, what's up with you?" I'm starting to Talk like you do Here we go I'll be gone soon Day by day, Everything has changed  We've grown apart this time I can't figure out the reason why "It's funny how much I'd Kinda like to see you cry" I can't rememb…
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Riggedrag Riggedrag 24 October 2017

What I sometimes think about this wiki

Hey no offense but sometimes I feel like this wiki has more stuff that is unrelated to DWtD than related to dumb ways to die. I don't want anyone to get upset about this blog but I just thought I needed to say something 😌(sigh of relief)

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Cheetos8089 Cheetos8089 30 August 2017

dumb ways to die minigame ideas

Hi guys. I was having a talk about character's new minigames in a thread. Here they are.

  • 1 Phoney's 2nd minigame
  • 2 Putz's 2nd minigame
  • 3 Dunce's 2nd minigame
  • 4 Numpty's 3rd minigame
  • 5 Dummkopf's 3rd minigame
  • 6 Mishap's 3rd minigame
  • 7 Calamity's 3rd minigame
  • 8 Dimwit's 3nd minigame
    • 8.1 Rocket Bulbs
    • 8.2 Bulb Replacement
  • 9 Hapless' 3rd minigame
  • 10 Doofus' 3rd minigame
  • 11 Lax's 3rd minigame
  • 12 Stumble's 3rd minigame
  • 13 Dippy's 3rd minigame
  • 14 Ninny's 3rd minigame
  • 15 Numskull's 3rd minigame
  • 16 Botch's 3rd minigame
  • 17 Clod's 3rd minigame
  • 18 Bungle's 3rd minigame
  • 19 Pillock's 3rd minigame
  • 20 Dunce's 3rd minigame
  • 21 Doomed's 3rd minigame
  • 22 Bonehead's 3rd minigame
  • 23 Stupe's 3rd minigame
  • 24 Phoney's 3rd minigame
  • 25 Putz's 3rd minigame
  • 26 Credits

Tap correct number to go to taxi or airport or inside the …

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Brian.guo1 Brian.guo1 3 August 2017

Republic of Dawetid Declares War on the Democratic Empire of Antimony

Upon the Democratic Empire of Antimony’s recognition of the bogus regime of the fascist “United Dawetidish Empire”, they have collaborated with each other and formed an alliance, and have clearly formed a clique of invasion. The Democratic Empire of Antimony has further recognized the Socialist puppet regime. The Dawetidish government announces that diplomatic relations with this country will be severed.

Recently the Democratic Empire of Antimony has expanded its aggressive behavior, with the purpose of disrupting the peace of the entire Central Quark. This is a threat to international peace and the enemy of human civilization. The people and government of the Republic of Dawetid can no longer endure this.

I hereby declare that, starting on …

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