Blunder is a peanut-shaped blue character introduced by RTD[1], along with Crash.


Blunder is a very important man with very important places to be. Sometimes, Blunder gets caught up in his important thoughts and runs late for his bus, but that won't stop Blunder from getting to his important office on time. If only he thought it was more important to get there in one piece.

— Facebook post by RTD[2]


He appears to be a peanut-bodied blue bean with brown hair that was parted in the right and wears a red necktie on his neck and a black watch on his left arm. He also holds a black bag on his right hand. The tire print is marked horizontally on his belly, indicating his death of being struck by a bus.



  1. Share your Epic Blunder story and the safety lesson learned with us on social media and enter to win a limited-edition Dumb Ways to Die t-shirt.
  2. A new Dumb Ways to Die character is rushing into Denver!
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