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Boffo Loco, or simply Boffo is a character in the Dumb Ways to Die series, who only directly appears in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.


Boffo is a bit of a free spirit. He went on a spiritual journey to find himself, but never did find anything. One day he wandered onto a sporting field by accident and ended up staying because he thought it had “good vibes”. Sadly Boffo didn’t know that you’re meant to throw javelins, not catch them. He now volunteers as a coat rack.

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He is a dark sea green character with wenge-colored dreadlocks, gathered in a carrot orange and white sweatband.


Boffo as a swimmer.

According to his bio, Boffo is a free spirit, with a somewhat sadistic side.

As a side note, Dumb Ways JR portrays Boffo as being enthusiastic (shown in almost every Dumb Ways JR app), much similar to Loopy.

He's also once been described to give Metro a 70's hippy vibe.


Dumb Ways to Die 2 - Fourth of July[]

Boffo can be seen raising the USA flag after the sculpture of him, Zany, Madcap, and Stupa raised up.

Happy Fourth of July[]

Boffo can be seen in Happy Fourth of July, albeit a sculpture with Zany, Madcap and Stupa, based on Mount Rushmore.


Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

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Dumb Ways JR[]

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  • Javelin Catch: Has his head and sweatband impaled by a falling javelin.
  • Swim Between the Flags: Gets eaten by a shark.
  • Laser Satellite Reception: May have died when Earth was cut in half. (Death not seen and debatable)
  • Teleportation Tangle: Is mutilated when the top half of his body merges with the top half of Stupa's head. (Debatable)
  • Space Monster Midwifery: A monstrous alien bursts out of his chest. (Debatable; it could have been someone else.)


  • Teleportation Tangle: He is split in half at the torso with his arm connected to his lower half.
  • Space Monster Midwifery: Is pregnant with aliens. (Debatable; it could have been someone else.)


  • His hair's hex color code is same with Knucklehead's one, although their hair style is seen different between the two, and Knucklehead does not wear a sweatband, meaning that Boffo and Knucklehead are 2 different characters.
  • He is normally seen with a small, round shaped body like Loopy. But in the minigame Landmine Curling, he has a tall, thin shaped body like Mishap.
  • He is the only character with a confirmed middle name: Loco.
  • In Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour, Pillock has a Jamaican costume, in which he is wearing a wig that resembles Boffo's hair.


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