Boffo Loco, or simply Boffo, is a dark sea green character with wenge-colored dreadlocks, gathered in a carrot orange and white sweatband. He appears in Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games.



Boffo as a swimmer.

Boffo is described as "a bit of a free spirit", and has previously been on a spiritual journey to find himself, without success. His notable find was a sporting field as he found it as a perfect place with "good vibes" that suited him well. From his exciting find, he neglected to notice a javelin eventually skewering him from catching them. As a gag, Boffo mentioned volunteering " a coat rack."

As a side note, Dumb Ways JR portrays Boffo as being enthusiastic (shown in almost every Dumb Ways JR app), much similar to Loopy.


  • His hair's hex color code is same with Knucklehead's one, although their hair style is seen different between the two, and Knucklehead does not wear a sweatband, meaning that Boffo and Knucklehead are 2 different characters.
  • He changes shape in the landmine curling minigame, normally he is a small round shape like loopy, but in landmine curling he is a tall thin shape like mishap.
  • He is the only character with a confirmed middle name: Loco.

Deaths Edit

  • Javelin Catch: Has his head and sweatband impaled by a falling javelin.
  • Swim Between the Flags: Gets eaten by a shark.
  • Laser Satellite Reception: May have died when Earth was cut in half. (Death not seen and debatable)
  • Teleportation Tangle: Is mutilated when the top half of his body merges with the top half of Stupa's head. (Debatable)
  • Space Monster Midwifery: An alien bursts out of his chest. (Debatable; it could have been someone else.)

Injuries Edit

  • Teleportation Tangle: He is split in half at the torso with his arm connected to his lower half.
  • Space Monster Midwifery: Is pregnant with aliens. (Debatable; it could have been someone else.)


Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!
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