Bonehead is the character that impatiently drove around boomgates at a level crossing.

His name was approved by Ms. Waymark, the General Manager of DWTD series. #

His gender was revealed by his plush information.


Bonehead loves his car and hates trains. That's because he's always in a hurry and hates waiting around for things. He believes that patience isn't a virtue; it's a waste of time. "Why can't HURRY UP be a virtue?" he says. Needless to say, when he's faced with the boom gates at a level crossing his impatience gets the better of him – and so does the 145-ton train.[1]

  1. The information of Bonehead plush product



Bonehead's appearance is a green character with car parts stuck inside him.


Jason Train

A train about to hit Bonehead.

In the video, Bonehead is seen waiting at the boomgates. He was impatient and then drives around them quickly. But just after he drives around them, he then gets hit by a train.


In the game, the player must spell "PATIENCE" within the time limit. If you lose, he will die. If you win, he will wait. Then after the train has passed, the boomgates will rise and he will cross the tracks without getting killed.

An update gives him a new task. This time, the player needs to hold his car whenever he approaches a gate crossing. If they do it correctly at all the gate crossings in the level, Bonehead will speed through, but gets disappointed at the traffic ahead. If the player fails to stop him. Bonehead will get run over again.


  • The darker spot above his eyes are similar to Putz and Reite.
  • He is obviously not waiting. This was confirmed by the shop page, citing that he is always in a hurry and hates waiting around for things. He believes that patience isn’t a virtue - it’s a waste of time. 


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