Botch is a character who is in group five, but is not related to the trains, just like Doofus. He dressed up like a moose during hunting season and got shot by a hunter.

His name was revealed by his plush's product name.


There are two things in this world that Botch loves to do most. The first is dressing up like a moose and the second is running around the forest during hunting season. Once a year, Botch likes to combine his two favourite pastimes - but it never ends very well for him.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal


Botch is a character dressed as a moose who has many holes leaking blood in his body. He is rarely seen with open eyes.


No holes amoosing

Botch with no holes in his body.

In the video, Botch is first seen smiling, with no holes. Suddenly an offscreen hunter, who mistakes him for a moose, (Botch made the stupid decision to dress as one during hunting season) shoots him, and Botch frowns in agony, falls over, and dies.


In the game, Botch's body is seen close up. the player must block the holes or he will die again. If you do so, Botch will open his eyes and fall in love with the moose that shows up.

Botch has another game in an update. He is riding on a moose. The player must tap on the screen to make the moose jump over the rocks. If the moose jumps over all the rocks, Botch will hug the moose, If the moose jumps too early or too late or doesn’t jump at all, Botch will fall off the moose, and then get shot again.

Botch has an Easter game where the player has to drag all the items away from the bunny to fully reveal it. If fully revealed, Botch will take off his moose hat and put on bunny ears, and a bunny looks at him lovingly. Otherwise, Botch will still take off his moose hat and put on bunny ears, but get shot again.

Botch has a Europe game where the player has to tilt the screen to keep Botch on the bulls-eye. If Botch is on the bulls-eye, he opens his parachute and safely lands and drinks tea from a table. Otherwise, Botch parachutes to early and lands on the minute hand of Big Ben.
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