Calamity is a character who eats a tube of superglue.


In her high school yearbook Calamity was named as the girl most likely to die in a disaster. Her parents built a second house for her to live in, just to keep the disasters at bay. Her cat was kidnapped by a tornado and her pet fish was taken by a rare land-dwelling plague. Despite these disasters, none could predict that it would be her love of all things 'tube-like' that would be Calamity's final hurrah.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal

In the Video


Before she gets frozen.

The character is recognized as a light brown potato-shaped person. Her death is brief; she eats a tube of superglue and become frozen in place. With no movement in her body at all at the moment, she drops the tube abruptly, signifying her death.


In the game

Don't let her fall

Don't let her fall!

The objective is to tilt your device or flatten it to keep Calamity from falling in the glue surrounding her. If you do this successfully, she winks at you. If you lose, she falls forwards or backwards, sticks to the glue on the floor, and struggles to get loose to no avail. That animation was added in an update; before this, she would just simply fall on the floor, motionless.


Calamity has another game in which the player will have to screw the top of the superglue. If they close the top of the superglue completely, a bunch of flowers will come out of the glue bottle. Otherwise, the glue will get Calamity's frozen again, resulting in failure.


  • She has barely shown any dancing throughout the video. She just simply tilts back and forth with her signature tube of glue in hand. But she has more than Bungle or Clod, who never dance in the video at all.
  • She's one of the light brown characters, the others being the bear and the moose (shown in the video and the app respectively)
  • She appears in the pause screen in the 1st app.
  • She doesn't sing in the chorus despite being there. Neither does Hapless, Dummkopf, Clod, Numskull or Dunce.
  • In Melbourne International Film Festival, unlike everyone else, Calamity doesn't seem to look at Hapless when they're talking on their phone. This was possibly because she ate the superglue and hence cannot move or turn her head to react.
  • She was initially confirmed as male in the app; during the mini-game it says "Don't let him fall".
    • However, Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal claims that her gender is female. As a result, this was later changed in an update to the game; now the text reads "Don't let her fall". The same goes with Numskull initially being referred as male in the minigame Spaceman Splat, which is now modified correctly as "Guide the astronaut back to her helmet!" posterior to the ver. 2.9.0 update.
  • Her name means "chaos or disaster."
  • She's the only brown character in the video. She's also similar to Numpty, who is like her, but blue and slightly thinner than Calamity.
  • Calamity has broken the fourth wall in the game by winking at the player.
  • She and Numskull are the only females in the original Dumb Ways to Die.
  • She had the same death as Numpty on Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour at the very beginning.


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