This page is about the Colors of Characters in Dumb Ways to Die.

These colors are based on the characters' bodies.

Pink CharactersEdit

004.Dippy 005.Dummkopf
012.Bungle 019.Stumble
Example of pink characters.

This section contains pink colored characters.

Yellow CharactersEdit

002.Hapless 018.Doofus 016.Ninny
Example of yellow characters.

This section contains yellow colored characters.

Orange CharactersEdit

023 016.Ninny
Example of orange characters.

This section contains orange colored characters.

Brown CharactersEdit

Example of brown characters.

This section contains brown colored characters.

Green CharactersEdit

007.Stupe 009.Clod
011.Numskull 013.Mishap
017.Botch 020.Bonehead
Example of green characters.

This section contains green colored characters.

Turquoise CharactersEdit

003.Pillock 024
Example of turquoise characters.

This section contains turquoise colored characters.

Blue CharactersEdit

001.Numpty(2) 006.Dimwit
008.Lax 014.Dunce
022 025
Example of blue characters.

This section contains blue colored characters.

Purple charactersEdit

010.Doomed 021.Putz
Example of purple characters.

This section contains purple colored characters.

Gray charactersEdit

Example of gray characters.

This section contains gray colored characters.

Red characters Edit

This section contains red colored characters.

Contains multiple colors in a groupEdit

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Bridge Botch · Doofus · Stumble · Bonehead · Putz
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