Dimwit is a bear-like character who, after attempting to do his own electrical works, burned and turned gray after his death.


Dimwit isn't the brightest bulb on the chandelier. He likes to think he's a bit of a handyman, but actually not that great. He's also colourblind. Not a fatal condition unless you're attempting any kind of electrical work around the house and can't tell the difference between the right wire and the wrong one.[1]

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In his house.

Dimwit's appearance is a blue character with ear-kind things on his head. After his house sets fire, he then turns gray.


In the video, Dimwit is seen inside his house. He turns on a light, and then smiles. Unfortunately, his house then sets on fire, burning him to death. He appears in the chorus, charred and grey.


Prior to update 1.6, Dimwit was only an unlockable character at the Train Station. After the update, Dimwit has his own minigame, in which the player has to join matching wires to each other. If all of the wires are matched correctly, Dimwit's house will have sparkling lights. If the wires aren't matched correctly, or not enough wires matched, Dimwit's house will catch fire.

He has a new game where the player must rotate the wires to allow a connection. If they succeed, Dimwit will close the panel. If they fail, a fire will start in the basement.

Prior to the 2017 Halloween update, a new minigame consists of him knocking the nails on the plank, which serves as a barricade to his door from the zombies.

On, Dimwit and his house are on a hill.


  • The English word dimwit refers to someone who is deficit in intelligence. [1]
  • He is quite similar to Numpty:
    • Both are Picton blue with same color hex code.
    • Both died by fire.
    • Both appeared in MIFF.
    • Both have a minigame on the app.
    • Both appear on the DWtD website.
  • He may not be an electrician, or he would have been able to do his own electrical work without setting his house on fire.
  • He is the only one to change color.
  • He is the only character to have ears.
  • Dimwit and Stupe are the only characters who died because they did not seek professional help.



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