Get your Toast out with a Fork
Do your Own Electrical Work
Teach Yourself how to Fly

Electrical work

Do your own electrical work is the second line of the second verse. This line comes after Get your Toast out with a Fork and before Teach Yourself how to Fly.


Dimwit is seen smiling and pulls a string, which turns on a light. He then shows his teeth, showing that he is happy to have fixed a broken light. Then his house sets on fire, later turning his dark gray in the chorus.


Similar to Putz's game, the minigames involves matching the wires to their correct color. You must connect the wires - if successful, Dimwit will have sparkling lights all over his house; if the wrong wire is connected, or one is unconnected, Dimwit's house will burn.

Dimwit has another minigame where he tries to connect the wires again. You must rotate the wires to create a connection. If you win, Dimwit will close the panel. If some wires are disconnected, Dimwit will be frightened by the fire starting in the basement, resulting in failure.