I wonder what's this red button do?
Dress up like a moose during hunting season
Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason


This is the first line of the bridge. It comes before Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason.


Amoosing chorus

This verse is characterized by Botch, a green character with a hat that has 2 antlers. He is one of three charcters to wear a hat, the others are Stupe and Numskull (although Numskull took her helmet off.) There are many holes leaking blood in his body.

In the videoEdit

Moose Hunting is Fun

The character appears turning, each time being shot at a different angle, and frowns more every time. Then he falls backwards, similar to Mishap, from Keep a rattlesnake as a pet.

He is a tertiary dancer, swaying his arms back and forth for the whole chorus.



Screenshot of the moose. It is assumed that she is a female.

He is featured in one minigame of the app, You have to stop the blood going out the bullet holes with as many fingers as possible. To complete it, simply use a finger and touch it in the holes. Always know hold touching it. After you complete it, the character fall in love with a moose, with a heart between them. If it is not completed, he will die (just like in the music video) and no Moose will show up. In the iOS version of the game, it is possible to move on as far as possible, but on certain devices such as a Kindle Fire, it is impossible to complete later levels, as only two fingers can be on those devices at once.

Botch has another minigame where he's riding the moose. The aim is to jump over the obstacles, by tapping anywhere on the screen to jump. If you win, Botch will fall in love with the moose. If you lose, Botch will be thrown off the moose and get shot again, resulting in failure.