Stand on the edge of a train station platform
Drive Around the Boomgates at a Level Crossing
Run across the tracks between platforms

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Drive Around the Boomgates at a Level Crossing is the fourth line of the bridge of the song.



In the chorus.

The line is characterized by a green man sitting in a blue car. Bonehead is in the fifth group.

His death is similar to Stumble, who was in Stand on the edge of a train station platform.

He has glass shards sticking out from his body, and a steering wheel stuck in his head. the assumption has been made that character is male, simply to ease reading and writing this article.

In the videoEdit

Boomgates crossing
Jason Train

Him before get struck by a train

Bonehead is seen waiting impatiently waiting for a train to cross, and for some boomgates to go up. He gets an idea and then drives around them, getting hit by a train from his dangerous move.


The player must tap blue tiles with letters of the word "patience" on them in the correct order, or he will drive around more impatiently than in the video and get hit. If successful, he will become patient. If the player presses a wrong letter, a noise will indicate that it's wrong.

Bonehead has a new game which involves him approaching a gate crossing. Tap the screen at the right time so that Bonehead can pass the gate crossings and speed through before getting disappointed at the traffic ahead, or Bonehead will get run over again.


  • He is one of the characters on
  • He is one of the train characters, along with Stumble and Putz.
  • If you lose in his mini-game, he will drive around the boomgates with an impatient frown. But in the video, he drives around with a mischievous smile.
  • This is the only line containing a chromatic note: E♭ (not counting the F♯ in the chorus).