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Dumb Ways to Dash! is an application game released Dec. 13th, 2019 for 2 both iOS and Android. It is assumed to be inspired by the app game called Fun Race 3D.

Sneak Peek[]

The first post[]

Dumb Ways to Dash video screenshot.jpg

What’s that? New game dropping in three weeks 😱 #dumbwaystodash #fyp #games #dumbwaystodie #foryou Music: It's Tricky- Run-DMC

— @official_dumbwaystodie

It was sneak-peek'd in the official TikTok post and was published on November 25, 2019.

In the video featured in the post, Numpty, Lax, Ninny, Stumble and Botch(As the player) are competing with each other and each player has to avoid obstacles or being fallen off the track in order to reach the goal. The latest among competitors will get the warning "You will be eliminated" with the skull markings floating on the player's character as well as at the side of the player's name in the rank list. Once all the players except the latest passed the goal, they will be moved to the next track, along with the text "Track 2/4" floating on the start of the track.

The second post[]

Dumb Ways to Dash video 2 screenshot.jpg

One more sleep till our new game drops ✌️ #gaminglife #game #dumbwaystodash #dumbwaystodie Music: Birthday Suit - Cosmo Sheldrake

— @official_dumbwaystodie

In this post published on December 12, 2019, it is showing a video that displays that a person is playing Dumb Ways to Dash and the player(Botch) is competing with Bonehead, Dippy, and Hapless, while the last competitor is already eliminated in the previous track. The player is running through both bluish-purple obstacles, other competitors, and the cannons from both sides are shooting purple ball obstacles. The player reaches the goal first as soon as Hapless gets eliminated in the track.

The video shows minor UI changes from the first video, especially the tracking number from the start of the track.

Playable characters[]

this game features 20 of the original 21 beans from the the music video.

Bean Level they can be obtained at
Botch (DWtD3).png
Not unlocked at a certain level, available at the beginning of the game.
Dimwit (DWtD3).png
Level 1
Numskull (DWtD3).png
Level 4
Stumble (DWtD3).png
Level 7
Lax (DWtD3).png
Level 10
Dunce (DWtD3).png
Level 13
Bonehead (DWtD3).png
Level 16
Ninny (DWtD3).png
Level 19
Calamity (DWtD3).png
Level 22
Putz (DWtD3).png
Level 25
Pillock (DWtD3).png
Level 28
Numpty (DWtD3).png
Level 31
Stupe (DWtD3).png
Level 34
Mishap (DWtD3).png
Level 37
Hapless (DWtD3).png
Level 40
Dummkopf (DWtD3).png
Level 43
Dippy (DWtD3).png
Level 46
Doomed (DWtD3).png
Level 49
Doofus (DWtD3).png
Level 52
Clod (DWtD3).png


St. Patrick's Day[]

The St. Patrick's Day update begins on February 25, 2021.

Quote Goal

Gold doesn't solve problems, but neither does milk

Collect 5 coinsCoin

You know you're great. Now everyone else will know too

Complete 1 tracks [sic]

Never slow, and quick to go! Zoom past some beans

Use 2 speed pads

Leprechauns love winners, not losers. You're a winner aren't you?

Complete 1 races [sic]

Share the passion for Leprechaun's with the other beans!

Push 5 beans

Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold. We need more gold!

Collect 10 coinsCoin


  • Among the characters of the original video, Bungle is the only character not featured in the game.
  • When the player plays as Putz and then gets injured, a balloon will appear.
  • When the player plays as Numpty and then get knocked down by an obstacle or an NPC, the fire on his head will go away.
  • If the player stops an a speed pad, they will go faster if they start moving again when they step on it.


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