Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die

This article is about the song. For the application, please see Dumb Ways to Die (Application).

Dumb Ways to Die is a song that was made in late 2012 by Australian Company Metro Trains Melbourne.

Dumb Ways to Die is a song commercial for train safety that was meant to be cute and funny. Since it was so adorable, humorous, and catchy it became viral. The main message of the video is that we should be careful around trains (because it surely would be a very dumb way to die).



The video can be watched here.

There is an English version and a Spanish version.


  • Executive Creative Director : John Mescall
  • Creative Director : Patrick Baron
  • Copywriter : John Mescall
  • Animation Director : Julian Frost
  • Digital Team: Huey Groves, Christian Stocker
  • Group Account Director : Adrian Mills
  • Account Director : Alec Hussain
  • Senior Account Manager: Tamara Broman
  • Senior Producer: Mark Bradley
  • Producer : Cinnamon Darvall
  • Musical Arrangement : Oliver "Ollie" Mcgill
  • Retoucher : Ross Goddard
  • Vocals : Emily Lubitz

Metro Trains

  • General Manager, Corporate Relations : Leah Waymark
  • Marketing Manager : Chloe Alsop


Basic information

  • Key: C Major
  • Time: Common time$ \binom{4}{4},\mathbf{c} $
  • Tempo: 128 bpm


Main article: Dumb Ways to Die app

The Dumb Ways to Die app, simply called "Dumb Ways" (probably because the full name is too long and cannot fit), is the app based on Dumb Ways to Die.



Main article: DumbWays2Die (YouTube channel)

DumbWays2Die is a YouTube channel that uploaded Dumb Ways to Die.

It also uploaded Dumb Ways to Valentine.

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These are more videos that DumbWays2Die uploaded:

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Dumb Ways to Die - Official Karaoke Edition

Dumb Ways to Die - Official Karaoke Edition


  • Normally one would expect a I-V-vi-iii-IV-I-IV-V (C-G-Am-Em-F-C-F-G) progression in the bass, but in this song it is done in the other parts of the harmony, with the bass being: I-VII-VI-III-IV-#IV-V-IV-I-VII-VI-III-IV-V-I (that is, C-B-A-E-F-F#-G-F-C-B-A-E-F-G-C).
  • This song was censored in Russia due to various reasons.
  • The song also appeared for a split second near the end of YouTube Rewind Style 2012 due to the popularity of it at the time.

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