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Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is a sequel to the original app.


As part of the promotional countdown, a series of video trailers were released on the website, and print advertising and posters were distributed.

The game was finally released for all iOS devices on November 19, 2014. An Android-compatible version was released on December 10, 2014.

A Windows version of the game was released in August 17, 2015.


See Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games/Promotion.



DWTD2 LaxMph.jpeg

On November 19, 2014, the game was finally released through the iTunes App Store for iOS devices only. The mechanics of the game are reminiscent of the previous game, but this time, on an expanded scale.

The game is divided into a range of worlds: Dumb Dome, Drown Town, Freezerville, The Dumbest of the Dumb, Adrenaland, Camp Catastrophe, the Dumbgeon, the Rio Stadidumb, and Area Fiftydumb. Meanwhile, some minigames aren't located in a specific area, such as the Back To School minigames.

Some minigames include brushing the teeth of a killer whale by scrubbing the screen, shepherding characters swimming in the ocean between the flags, and many more.


Worlds available for a limited time only[]


  • In the TV show Parker Plays, Parker Coppins played this game to set the highscore 1328.
  • Like in the first app, Hapless is the first bean to be unlocked and Stupe is the last bean to be unlocked.
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