Here are a list of minigames in the "Alien Invasion" update that aren't known to have an area on the map.

Make It HomeEdit

This minigame features alien Mishap riding a rocket to get to Saturn. You have to trace the stars that lead to Saturn to get there. Gameplay is similar to Volcano Climbing. If you trace the path and succeed, Mishap makes it to Saturn and Saturn explodes. If you touch the sky or time runs out, aliens on a rocket run over Mishap's head with rocket, resulting in failure.


In this minigame, various bugs are attacking alien Numpty. The player has to tap all bugs to get rid of them. If the time is out before getting rid of them all, bugs eat Numpty until he become skeleton, resulting in failure. If all bugs were defeated, Numpty's head catches fire, and his body is splattered all over with bug juice.

Planetary LandingEdit

Alien Botch is driving a UFO and is landing. Player has to tap buttons, swipe a lever, and turn a stick. This is very similar to Complicated Coffee Making. If you click, swipe, and turn, UFO lands in desert and crowd cheers for UFO with Zany taking a picture. If you lose, UFO falls on top of Zany, resulting in failure.