These are Back to school-themed minigames that aren't known to have their own map location.

Don't Sneeze Edit

Don't Sneeze

The minigame stars Calamity. You need to tap the screen to avoid sneezing at library. If you win, she has managed to stop sneezing and Phyllis who appears as librarian look at her unpleasantly. If you lose, she will sneeze and be kicked out of the classroom with her classmates laughing at her, she bleeds, and the book gets thrown to her, resulting in failure.

Running to the Classroom Edit

Running to the Classroom

Stupe is late for class, help him reach class by running to the classroom. You need to hold and release to move him vertically in order to dodge obstacles. If he dodges all the obstacles, he arrives in his class but the teacher looks at him upset, for being late. If he hits an obstacle, a crowd of classmates will knock him off, resulting in failure.

Graduation Day Edit

Graduation Day

Putz is trying to pass an exam. You need to trace the line for the letters "A a". If you win, he wins an academic certificate and wears graduation cap, and receives a lot of praise from people. If you lose, he fails the exam and ridiculed by people, with him wearing a dunce hat that has "F" sign.