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The Map Icon Along with Lax.

Costing one token per entry, the Dumbest of the Dumb is a mixed bag of games from all the worlds. If successful, the reward is a character from the original Dumb Ways to Die video.

Older Versions Edit

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Wheel of MisfortuneEdit

Loopy Wheel of Misfortune

After every round played in the Dumbest of the Dumb, when all three lives are spent, the Wheel of Misfortune allows players to select a prize by spinning the wheel. The prize is selected randomly through a dagger thrown towards any part of the wheel:

  • Unlockcharacter Dimwit Silhouette with a ? - Character for the Map
  • Replay Green Button with Return Symbol - Play again
  • ExtraLife Loopy Symbol - One more extra life
  • Ticket 3x Tickets - Self explanatory, you get three tickets to enter once again.

However, if the dagger hits Loopy in the forehead, you win no prizes.