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The Dumbgeon is a medieval-based location which deals with fantasy-type games with a humorous twist.

Penguin JoustingEdit

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Swipe right to help Loopy win the joust. Winning will have Loopy kill the penguin. If you swipe too early or too late or don't swipe at all, the penguin will decapitate Loopy, resulting in failure. To winning this game, you will need to swipe right at the yellow bit of the line, otherwise loopy looses the joust and his head.

The Running of the Plague RatsEdit

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Tap fast to help Loopy run from the rats. Winning will have Loopy go in a castle. If you lose, Loopy will get run over by the rats. This is just like Numpty's minigame.

Blind BlacksmitheryEdit

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Help Boffo stay still to get a strong sword by avoiding getting hit by the blacksmith's hammer. If you win, Boffo is able to handle the sword. If you lose, The Blacksmith will hit Boffo with his hammer. This is similar to Ninny's minigame.

Dragon ManicureEdit

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Help Zany paint the dragon's nails by sliding on the screen. Winning will make the dragon kiss Zany, and he will feel shy. Failing will result in Zany get burned by the dragon to death. It is slightly similar to Lax's minigame, since both minigames require to rub the screen to win.

Maiden RescuingEdit

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Help Zany climb the Rapunzel like hair. Winning will show Zany with a female Yeti. Otherwise, Zany will fall down, and then get eaten by the snake, resulting in failure.

Beast FeastingEdit

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Tap fast to get Dumbbell to eat the meat with the two green beasts looking at him. If you win, Dumbbell becomes obese, implying his consumption of all the meat and the two green beasts. Otherwise, the two green beasts will put pepper on a decapitated Dumbbell's head, resulting in failure.

Perilous Potion ConcoctionEdit

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You play as Loopy and you must help him make a potion. If you win the minigame, Loopy has made a burger. If you lose, Loopy makes a black smoke monster.

Torture Rack YogaEdit

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Turn the dials to get Madcap fit and tall. If you win the minigame, Madcap is now tall with stretched arms and legs. Failure to complete will get Madcap one unstretched arm and leg, making him unable to stand. It is just like Bungle's minigames.