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Basic Rules

Editing Rules

  1. No Vandalism.
  2. Prioritize the official information. Here is dedicated to provide the official, confirmed information of the Dumb Ways to Die series; the false/unclear information may lead our users to be lost in suspicion.
    1. Inserting unofficial information or replacing existing information with it is not allowed.
    2. Fan-made content cannot be a part of a wiki page; it should be posted in your own profile, wall, blog, or the discussion post instead.
      1. Only the derivative works without harming original content, such as transparent background version are allowed for wiki pages.
    3. Fan name/gender may be given while creating a page that's missing name/gender information, but {{Unofficialname}} / {{GenderArgument}} template(s) must be included in, or otherwise specify that it isn't canon. The information may be updated when it was officially announced.
  3. No Original Research/Headcanon(Speculative information).
    1. The only exception these can be put in is if it is clearly informed they're non-canon/speculative information. However, the inserted information shouldn't be nonsense and it isn't allowed to revert it back continuously from the edit/removal of it.
      1. The information may be put in between two templates: {{Fanmadeinfosection}} (before the section) and {{Fanmadeinfosectionend}} (after the section) around the section.
      2. For smaller version, use Template:NCW template instead.


Can I see some examples that explain which is Original Research/Headcanon or not?

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This is a 'bad' example for our wiki 022.png
Dummkopf is a female, because the pink color is commonly believed as female's color and she doesn't behave anything masculine.
This is a 'good' example for our wiki 020.Bonehead.png

Loopy's gender and name were revealed by a Facebook post of the official DWtD Facebook page.

How to put non-canon information with said templates?

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Example: the following code:
Doomed has an oval body.

{{NCW|Doomed has an oval body.|His original appearance is yet offically revealed.}}

The outcome:

Non-canon warning!

This section contains non-canonical information that is given by fans.
So, Please note they may not be facts approved by Metro!
Doomed has an oval body.
Non-canonical information ends here.
[Non-canon info] Doomed has an oval body. (Reason? : His original appearance is yet offically revealed.) [Non-canon info ends here.]

Community Rules

  1. The following inappropriate behaviors are not allowed for everywhere visible publicly in this wiki:
    • Using Offensive/Suggestive words, Cursing or Insulting others that against the Profanity Rules
    • Trolling, Flamebaiting, Stealing other people's creative contents or other ways to disrupt others
    • Spamming (i.e. Double posting, Excessively making comments/posts in a row, Typing in all caps)
  2. Images that aren't related to DWtD series must not be listed in the Special:NewFiles page. However, it is allowed to upload any kind of images that doesn't violate the FANDOM ToS in the comment section, Message Wall, the Discussion, or anywhere else that isn't in the wikitext format, so they won't be listed in said page.
    1. All the images uploaded before August 30th, 2016, 10:06 PM (EST) are excused from this rule.
  3. No Mini-modding. Please report in the REPORT - Megathread if you found someone else breaking rules.
  4. Only the blocked/warned user can appeal own block/warning. Because the terms of which a user was blocked or warned is based on the judgement of the action viewed by the admin or moderator. If a third party wishes to discuss the terms for which a user was blocked or warned, it should be presented not in defense of the blocked/warned user, but in question of the rule that was broken.
    1. We suggest you to appeal your own block in the Warning thread in your own Message Wall. However, if you were not able to do so due to a glitch on FANDOM software or anything else, you may leave a block appeal message on an admin's Message Wall in the Community Central.


Any guidelines for which images are allowed to be uploaded here?

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Images allowed to be uploaded:
LoucoArtwork.png Doofus the cookie by idiotboy360-d9hcywh.jpg IMG 5218.jpg
Official artworks. Fan arts of DWtD series. Fan arts featuring characters that's clearly based on DWtD characters.
Or anything elses that feature/directly reference DWtD contents are allowed, including Build A Bean OCs.

The following may violate the image-uploading rule:

Images nothing related to DWtD. Original drawings without clear DWtD references. Making excuses for this character like "It resembles some existing beans" won't help.
Even though the image itself featured a nametag of DWtD characters or the equivalent, and is on the topic of DWtD series, it still is not related due to it falling into the "resemblance" matter, resulting in some pictures that is totally off-topic from DWtD with a nametag which could be allowed.

To have an image that is eligible to be uploaded in this wiki; Remember, the image must feature/directly reference DWtD content, including characters.


  1. You may get a warning as either a Message Wall thread, or 1 day block if you violate rules. When you violate rules again since the warning, you'll get blocked for several days or forever.
  2. The block may be given without issuing warning first for following cases:
    • Abusing multiple accounts to evade blocks
    • Advertisement spam
    • Cross-wiki vandalism/spam
    • Or anything violates the FANDOM ToS including but not limited to:
      • Posting or transmiting any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, transphobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct
      • COPPA rule - Must be 13+ in order to use the site
  3. We may not take action against any cases from a long time like older than 2 weeks, but we may just remove rule-breaking parts as we cannot determine their bad faith in old content.


  1. Be objective when you're editing wiki pages.
  2. When someone causes an edit war, please make a settlement with each other, then make the result peaceful after discussion.
  3. You may make a discussion post with tag(s) when you want to discuss a particular subject about a certain wiki page.
  4. To mention certain user(s), please leave a message in their Message Wall instead.
  5. The comments that's irrelevant to the page's topic will very likely be deleted immediately.
  6. Avoid leaving comments in a row; please wait until someone else left a comment after yours. If you're logged in, please edit your comment to add contents.
    1. Regardless of whether the user was logged in or not, the comments may be combined into one, by an admin.