FANDOM is the official website for Dumb Ways to Die.


The original website

First Website ReleaseEdit

The website was released from November 15th 2012, and remained for two years until October 2014.

Website FeaturesEdit

The website has characters you can click on to make them die their original death. It also has train safety tips, and a "red button" you can push to pledge to be safe around trains.

Characters FeaturedEdit

Pledge red button

The website's "red button".


Under the train station.

These are characters featured to click on on the website.

Characters that do not appear on the third version of the siteEdit

Other Things FeaturedEdit

Second Website Release Edit



On October 16th 2014, the website had undergone a total overhaul, and this time with a teaser screen featuring the Sports Trio; the centre is Loopy, the left is Skellieflop,and Ruckus on the right. As the website was still under teaser mode, no names were disclosed.


DWTD2 ComingSoonPage

The following week, the website was rebuilt and fully revealed the Sports Trio.

Third Website Release Edit

After the release of Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games, the website had undergone another change to match the new game aesthetics, yet also pay homage to the previous website.

Characters FeaturedEdit

Other Things FeaturedEdit

Fourth Website ReleaseEdit

From an unspecified time, the site starts to redirect to Shop - Dumb Ways to Die instead of the previous contents.

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