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Dunce is a bean who sold both of his kidneys on the internet.


When it comes to money matters, Dunce is about as smart as a stick. So in a bid to solve his ongoing financial dilemma he once sold both his kidneys on the internet. (Anatomy isn’t one of his strong points either.) Selling both kidneys solved his financial problems but created an entirely new dilemma for Dunce: death.

Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal


Dunce is a light blue, capsule-shaped bean, bent over so he looks like a kidney. He has red stitches on his sides after selling his kidneys on the internet.


Dumb Ways to Die[]

Dunce is seen shaking around holding dollar bucks, resembling playing cards, he received selling both his kidneys on the internet. He dies from the lack of the sold organs, but his death does not happen onscreen.

Melbourne International Film Festival[]

In the Melbourne International Film Festival video, he is sitting in-between Hapless and Pillock.


Dumb Ways to Die (application)[]

In most versions, Dunce is the 1st bean to arrive at the train station (when the player starts to play), he is unlocked by default.

Dunce acts as a bar of lives, and he appears when you click the red button to pledge to the train safety. If you use Build a Bean and press Use in Game, the lives will be changed to that bean.

Kidney Bean

Unlock at 192200 accumulated score

In this minigame, you have to stitch his surgery wound closed by dragging a needle between the stitch holes. If you succeed, he tosses his money in the air and massages his sides. If you fail, he collapses from blood loss.


Unlock at 1248200 accumulated score

He later got a second game where the player has to put his organs back in his body. If the player loses he will faint and bleed to death. If the player wins he will pose in front of a mirror with visible stitches on his body and blow a kiss.


Unlock at 88200 accumulated score

His Christmas mini-game has him balancing on a ladder pouring champagne into glasses that are stacked up. The player must tilt the screen to balance Dunce on the ladder. Failure consists of him falling and smashing all the glasses, getting cut in the process. If you win then other DWtD characters will be drinking champagne.

Hot Date

Can't be unlocked at this point of time

He even has a mini-game where he is at a fancy restaurant meeting Ninny, his mate. In the mini-game, you must tap and hold candles to light them. If you succeed, he will wink at Ninny. If you fail, he will try to light them up, but then he'll slip and the table will fall and he'll bleed from his stitch.

Louvre At First Sight

Can't be unlocked at this point of time

His Europe mini-game has him on a rope trying to steal a painting from a museum. The player must use their finger to guide Dunce away from the lasers. Failure consists of him falling with a newspaper headlined "Bumbling Thief Dies Dumbly!" If you win, he gets the painting with a newspaper headlined "Expert Thief Steals the Mona Beana!"

Fool's Gold

Unlock at 1800 accumulated score

In this minigame, the player has to keep Dunce's hand away from the trap. If the player makes Dunce resist getting the coin in the trap, he will find a pile of gold. If Dunce's hand gets in the trap, his arm will be bitten off, resulting in failure.

This minigame shows an image of Numpty instead of Dunce's.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

Rattle Shake Mistake

He might appear in the winning of the minigame.

Stay Behind The Yellow Line

Dunce, along with Bard and Stupa are at the platform. The player has to tap to prevent from going after the yellow line. If so, the characters will dance. Otherwise, one of the characters will lose their face.

Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour[]

Dunce is an Epic bean in Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour. His ability is Rain Maker which counts +100% Token Multiplier.



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