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Eat a Two Week Old Unrefridgerated Pie is the fourth and the last line of the second verse.


Pie stain

This line is characterized by a slightly fat blue figure, Lax, with green splash markings around his open mouth. He has only two top teeth. He is part of group two, and is a Second Dancer.

The assumption has been made that the character is male, simply to ease the reading and writing of this article.



This is very Unpalatable pie... - Lax

At first this character is seen without the green markings on his face, on a light bluish-green background. He is holding a small round object with a bite taken out of it and appears to be chewing before vomiting on the screen, which contains chunks of carrot and corn, then the video fades to black and then to the chorus. The green stain doesn't show up in his line itself, but shows up in the chorus.


The player must wipe the vomit on the screen. If they fail, he slides on the vomit and falls on the floor, and the pie he was eating will fall on his eyes. If they win, he cheers.

Lax also has another minigame involving him picking the right food. You must touch the screen at the right time so that Lax can eat the right food. Otherwise, Lax will barf again, resulting in failure.

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