Sell both your kidneys on the internet
Eat a tube of superglue
I wonder what's this red button do?

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How the scene is played out.

Eat a tube of superglue is the third line of the fourth verse.


Supah Glue

Calamity after eating the wad of glue.

Calamity appears as a small brown potato-shaped character, with her mouth wide open. She always holds a tube of superglue. She barely moves in the chorus after her death.

In the videoEdit

Group 4

She is seen with a tube of superglue, which she pours all of in her mouth. Afterwards, she remains immobile and drops the glue.

She slightly sways, but other than that can be counted as immobile.


The player must balance her, by tilting their device. If she hits the floor, she sticks to it and "dies", but if it is successful, she winks at the camera. When the game is paused, she is shown eating the super glue, but doesn't drop the bottle or fall.

Calamity has another minigame where you have to close the cap of the superglue tightly. If you do, Calamity will get flowers in her superglue. If you don't close the cap tightly, she would eat the glue again, resulting in failure.

One of Valentine's Day minigames where the player have to trace the line to cut out the paper heart just like Mishap's minigame Tube Snake. If it was traced correctly, Calamity will unfold the paper heart chain and then be pleased at it. Otherwise, she tries to cut the paper poorly and accidentally slips scissors that stick on her head, resulting in failure.

Trivia Edit

  • If she ate a tube of superglue, then she would have simply been poisoned. The resulting immobility was likely played for laughs.
  • Before the version 1.7, the minigame previously suggested Calamity is a male.
  • The loss of the Stand Firm minigame where Calamity gets stuck on the glue on the floor after falling on the ground was also added in version 1.7 of the app. Before 1.7, when the player loses the minigame, she would just simply fall on the floor, motionless.