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For the Love of TikTok is a compilation video made by the Dumb Ways to Die YouTube channel of a few clips on their TikTok account.


Clip 1[]

The first clip of this video shows Botch and Stumble doing the famous "ooh na na na" dancing trend.

Clip 2[]

Mishap is seen listening to Google Translate telling him it's okay to feed his rattlesnake a hot dog. He is then seen trying to get the snake off his eye in a silly manner, before dying as a result. The original song is playing in the background.

Clip 3[]

Loopy, Numpty, Mishap and Stumble are dancing to the tune of 223's (feat. 9lokknine) by YNW Melly.

Clip 4[]

Loopy, Numpty, Botch, Dunce, Stumble and Mishap are dancing to the tune of Obsessed by Mariah Carey, in a similar (if not the same) location as the last clip.

Clip 5[]

Botch is seen grabbing onto a pole at a train with an unknown woman. Later on, he and Dunce are grabbing on to a different pole.

Clip 6[]

Loopy is running along a track. A cannonball hits him, and he falls off the track.

Clip 7[]

a train is seen passing Stumble,. After the train is gone, Stumble is seen posing for a selfie, along with waving the train goodbye. The crossing is open, and Stumble crosses the track, similar to the success scene of his second minigame, Pedestrian Peril. The original song plays in the background for the second time in this video.

Clip 8[]

Mishap is seen doing a bottle flip with a bottle. A man tells him to shake the bottle, before numerous failed attempts at a bottle flip. lalala (Polyphlia Remix) by Y2K and bbno$ is the audio for this clip.

Clip 9[]

Mishap and Numpty are walking along a path, holding hands. They are then seen making out with each other, before Numpty leaves Mishap stuck in a bush.

Clip 10[]

A cameraman is seen throwing a dark green ornament (played as a grenade) into a room with Botch inside with a video clip from the video game Counterstrike. Afterwards, the cameraman closes the door, and reopens it, spot find Botch and the room decorated with Christmas-themed decorations. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, originally by Johnny Marks and Brenda Lee, plays in the background during the festive transformation.

Characters (in order of appearance)[]


  • Mishap is killed by his rattlesnake in the second clip.
  • Loopy is hit in the face by a cannonball in the sixth clip. (Debatable)
  • Mishap is left stuck in a bush by Numpty. (Debatable)


  • If the events in this video are canon to the series, then Numpty and Mishap will be the ninth and tenth characters in the series who are officially in a relationship, along with the eight other characters known to be in a relationship.
    • Dunce and Ninny are seen together on several occasions.
    • Mr. Gate and Mrs. Gate are hinted to be together (their poster says "follow your mate through a ticket gate").
    • Stumble's European minigame "The I-Fall Tower" shows him having a romantic moment with Calamity.
    • Bonehead is seen with a partner (unofficially named Muttonhead) in his Valentine's Day minigame "The Brake-up".
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