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Group Five in the front.

Group Five contains the final five characters in Dumb Ways to Die. Instead of containing four characters, it contains five.


The charcters in Group Five are:

Similarities and Differences[]

  • Almost all the Fifth Group characters are different colors.
    • Botch and Bonehead are the only ones that are the same color, but they each have different shades of green.
  • This group contains five characters instead of four.
  • This is the only group that is known to have every character singing.
  • Doofus is the only character not to suffer a bloody death in this group.
    • He is also the only character not to have a plush product.
  • Botch is a tertiary dancer; Doofus is a secondary dancer; Stumble, Bonehead and Putz are standard dancers. None of them are solo dancers.
  • All the characters are males.
  • Botch and Doofus lines are related to nature while Stumble, Bonehead, and Putz's lines are related to trains.
    • Also, Stumble, Bonehead, and Putz's train-related lines are the only ones that don't rhyme, but are put in anyways due to being "the dumbest ways to die".

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