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Group One refers to the four characters who start the song in the first verse.


The charcters in Group One are:

Similarities and Differences[]

  • All of these characters are standard dancers.
  • All of these characters are males.
  • All of these characters show up in the MIFF Video and the newspaper advertisement.
  • All of these characters are different colors.
  • All of these characters have the letter "P" in their names.
  • Dippy is the only character who does not have an oval-shaped body.
  • Pillock is the only character without any plush product that is released.
    • He is also the only character not to have an unlockable map character in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.
    • He is the only character without a campaign poster featuring himself.
  • Hapless is the only character in this group who doesn't sing, since the bear ate his head.
  • Hapless and Dippy both died from animals.
    • Both also lose half of their bodies. However, Hapless loses his upper half while Dippy loses his lower half.


  • Not counting Pillock, group one is the only group to not include a Green character.

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