Hapless is the character who poked a stick at a grizzly bear and got his head eaten by that same animal.

His name was revealed by his plush's product name.


The kindest nuns in the entire world brought up Hapless. Every day and every night his childhood was filled with love and happiness. The downside for Hapless was that he thought everyone was like this. And everything. This includes the grizzly bear who escaped after years of torture at the hand of a circus trainer.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal



Hapless after being decapitated. Notice the bone in the center and the Fountain of blood.

He looks very similar to Doofus, and both of them have the same shape, color, and both hold something and both die from animals. However, the only differences are (obviously), they die different ways, and Hapless is a standard dancer, while Doofus is a secondary dancer.

In the videoEdit

Hapless is seen poking something brown and fuzzy with his stick. Then it bends down, revealing it is a bear, eating Hapless's head, and a fountain of blood spurts from his remaining body.



The player must tap the screen when the bear icon is on the yellow highlighted strip of the bar below Hapless. If it's too early or late the bear will eat Hapless's head. If perfect, the bear will spit out candies.

Hapless has another game in the update, in which the player must tap the screen one second at a time to make Hapless tiptoe pass a sleeping bear. If the player taps too slow or too fast, the bear will wake up and eat Hapless' head off again, resulting in failure. If the timing is perfect, Hapless will go to the ice cream machine where he gets an ice cream cone. Hapless will wink at the player like Calamity does.

Hapless has a third game for the Halloween update, the player has drag the bag to catch the falling candies. If the player misses one the bear will bite his head off. If the player catches all the candies Hapless and the bear will eat them.

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