Eat a tube of superglue
I wonder what's this red button do?
Dress up like a moose during hunting season

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I wonder what's this red button do? is the fourth line of the fourth verse.



Ninny is an orange gourd-shaped character, and is most likely the tallest. In the chorus, he, Doomed and Clod are the only characters that do not look like they have any injury.

In the videoEdit

He appears near a red button wondering what it does. He is tempted to push it, and then an explosion appears the Earth, most likely where he is.

He is a Standard Dancer.


The player must not press the button, if the player loses, the area explodes, if the player wins, a rainbow appears. Even if the player touch the sides the area will still explode.

There is another minigame based off of this line where the player must remember and continue a pattern shown on a clipboard in Ninny's hand. This time, rather than one button, there are six, each containing a certain shape. The player must press all the buttons containing the shapes on the clipboard. If the player succeeds, fireworks will explode in the sky. If the player touches the wrong button or does nothing, the area again explodes.


  • In the song, this is the only line spoken, without instrumental accompaniment.