Klaus is a character who appears in the second wave "Be Safe Around Christmas" campaign.


He is a peanut-shaped green bean who resembles the Santa Claus, and is seen with a white beard and moustache. He also wears a brown belt with gold buckle.

Game Edit

Dumb Ways to Die appEdit

In his minigame Claus-trophobia, he trying to get out of the chimney. In the winning result, Klaus jumps into his sleigh. In the losing result, Klaus gets stuck in the chimney and decays.


  • Just like Dummkopf, the word Klaus comes from German.
    • Also, both characters turn into skeletons.
  • He is one of a few characters appear in the Dumb Ways to Die app with a minigame to not appear in the song. The other is Phoney.
Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!
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