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Knucklehead is a bean in the Dumb Ways to Die series, who made his debut in a safety bonus minigame in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.


Knucklehead is a soft green oval-shaped bean and has a dull brown pompadour. Similarly to Mishap, his latest appearance gives him a bright green color scheme.

His officer outfit consists of a dark blue hat with a yellow badge, and a belt with a keychain, which has a yellow and a grey key.

As a guard, Knucklehead only wears a blue hat with a grey "M" on it, which either stands for Metro or Melbourne.


Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

Count to 10

Knucklehead is seen waiting at a pedestrian crossing. The player has to tap ten times to help him wait. If they are successful, he will wait for a train to drive by, safely crossing with a relieved look on his face. Otherwise, he will force the gate open, and get ran over.

ACMI Games

In the success scenes of two of these games, Knucklehead will prepare to arrest Dimwit and Dippy for accidentally touching stuff at the museum. In the other ACMI game, Knucklehead (in his guard outfit) will call Dimwit and embarrass him.

Dumb Ways to Die (application)[]

He only appears in the success scene of Deck Disaster, where he will tell Crash off for skating on a platform.


  • Count to 10: Ran over by a train.


  • He has a similar color palette/scheme to Boffo.
  • He and Bonehead are similar in many ways.
    • Both are impatient.
    • Both have similar minigames (taking only Bonehead's first and second minigames into consideration).
    • Both were hit by a train.
    • Both are green.
    • Both of their names end with the word "head", and start with other body parts.
    • Both have oval-shaped bodies.
      • Most of these (excluding the name) also apply to Bonehead's romantic partner, Muttonhead.
  • Knucklehead is one of the three impatient characters. The others are Blunder and Bonehead.
  • According to a Facebook post, Knucklehead is seen as a police officer.
  • All of his game appearances until Deck Disaster are in safety bonus minigames.


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