Madcap is a character seen in Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games and Dumb Ways JR.

His name and gender were confirmed by the Dumb Ways to Die Facebook page.


He is a short, stout orange peanut character with a blue and white sweatband.


In the Dumb Ways JR, he was shown to be a spoiled little child, as he always sticked his tongue out. However it is still unknown what personality he has as an adult, presumably he is just more mature than in the Dumb Ways JR.

Deaths Edit

  • Killer Whale Dentistry: Is eaten by a killer whale.
  • Depth Charge Free Diving: Dies when he hits a naval mine, and is exploded in pieces
  • Stay between the flags: Is lost at sea. (Death not seen and debatable)
  • Dolphin Rodeo: Falls off the dolphin and is pushed underwater by other dolphins, where he presumably drowns.
  • Yeti Grooming and Yeti Waxing: Dies when he's attacked by the yeti. (Death not seen and possibly debatable)



  • He is one of the 6 characters who lost their heads; the other 5 are Hapless, Stupe, Numskull, Zany and Loopy.
  • In the Adrenaland trailer, Stupe sliced Madcap when he bungee jumped & he fell apart. Then he got poked in the right eye 3 times by a pigeon.
  • In the Hold Them Back minigame his phone is Black,and in Killer Whale Dentistry his phone is White.
  • Madcap is the character in the car in the Risky Ramp Assembly minigame.
  • He, Trump and Ninny are the only orange characters.
  • He is a NPC in Dumb Dome.
  • Madcap's voice can be heard in the minigame Dolphin Rodeo, where he yells in a high pitched voice.
    • In the failure of said minigame, he squeals in a voice of same pitch.
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