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Madcap is a character seen in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games and Dumb Ways JR.

His name and gender were confirmed and announced by the Dumb Ways to Die Facebook page.


He is a short, stout orange peanut character with a blue and white sweatband.


  • Killer Whale Dentistry: Is eaten by a killer whale.
  • Depth Charge Free Diving: Dies when he hits a naval mine, and is exploded in pieces.
  • Stay between the flags: Is lost at sea. (Death not seen and debatable)
  • Dolphin Rodeo: Falls off the dolphin and is pushed underwater by other dolphins, where he presumably drowns.
  • Yeti Grooming and Yeti Waxing: Dies when he's attacked by the yeti. (Death not seen and possibly debatable)
  • Landmine curling: Is blown up by the landmine.


In-game sprites[]

In-game screenshots[]



  • He is one of the 7 characters who lost their heads; the other 6 are Hapless, Stupe, Numskull, ZanyDumbbell, and Loopy.
  • In the Adrenaland trailer, Stupe sliced Madcap when he bungee jumped & he fell apart. Then he got poked in the right eye 3 times by a seagull.
  • In the Hold Them Back minigame his phone is Black, and in Killer Whale Dentistry his phone is White.
  • Madcap is the character in the car in the Risky Ramp Assembly minigame.
  • He, Trump, and Ninny are the only orange characters.
  • He is an NPC in Dumb Dome.
  • Madcap's voice can be heard in the minigame Dolphin Rodeo, where he yells in a high pitched voice.
    • In the failure of the said minigame, he squeals in a voice of the same pitch.
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