Dumb Ways to Die - Melbourne International Film Festival-0

Dumb Ways to Die - Melbourne International Film Festival-0

Melbourne International Film Festival is a clip that DumbWays2Die uploaded to YouTube, in commemoration of the event.


In the background, the 3rd instrumental chorus plays and MIFF is beginning. The characters are happy watching the movie. Hapless's phone rings, and all the other characters slowly look at him. As Hapless answers and converses on the phone, they react with an angered expression, disapproving him.

After the transition fades to black, Dunce (right next to him) bites Hapless's head off (possibly) (his trademark decapitated head with blood spurting, just like the music video), and the characters are happy.

Instead of "Be Safe Around Trains", it says "Be safe around MIFF".

Characters in the MIFF

  1. Numpty
  2. Dippy
  3. Botch
  4. Mishap
  5. Pillock (has popcorn bucket)
  6. Dunce
  7. Hapless (seen conversing on the phone; then decapitated)
  8. Dummkopf
  9. Bungle
  10. Ninny
  11. Stumble
  12. Lax
  13. Putz
  14. Calamity
  15. Bonehead
  16. Doofus
  17. Dimwit (back row)
  18. Doomed (back row)
  19. MIFF Extra Characters


Dumb Ways To Die - July 31st MIFF 25pc

The poster for the MIFF, starring Numpty, Hapless, Pillock and Dippy

  • Botch's eyes are seen open here. This is one of the few times you can see them. Also, Botch's eyebrows aren't shown like everyone else's.
  • There are three characters from the Dumb Ways to Die song that are not in the MIFF video. Those characters are Stupe, Clod, and Numskull.
  • Putz, Bonehead and Doofus still look at Hapless after he's killed.
  • It is unknown if Doomed is still looking at Hapless, or looked at the movie after.
  • Unlike everyone else, Calamity dosen't seem to look at Hapless when he's talking on his phone. That's probably because she ate the superglue in the music video and cannot move.
  • In time for the 2013 Melbourne International Film Festival, a poster playing on the first chorus of the music video was released in stations. Notable differences is Numpty is wearing a scarf and glasses (dressed up as a movie critic) and Pillock has a popcorn bucket. The poster was being released in Metro stations, as well as in print in commuter newspapers.
  • Lax's ingrown top teeth are missing in this video.


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