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Nincompoop's gender said here was assigned by Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community. It may be incorrect once it is officially announced!

Nincompoop is a character appearing in the application Dumb Ways to Draw.

His name was officially announced in the YouTube video Meet the New Beans.


Nincompoop looks like a purple version of Bard, he's a purple cashew-bodied bean that wears a light blue hat and a light blue bow tie.


Dumb Ways to Draw[]

He is featured in the Welcome Pack promotion that appears in both the Store and the whole lobby section (Sketchbooks, Pencil Select, and Level Select); the promotion itself offers various items for money.


Meet the New Beans[]

He appears after the death of Simpleton and is drawing a picture of him fallen off, as soon as he takes a sip of the paint aside from a cup of orange juice after drawing a brushstroke, resulting in him to be died of getting poisoned.


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