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Ninny is a bean who gets blown up after pressing the red button.


Ninny loves everything red. Red lights, red flags, red buttons. Always the joker, if Ninny grew up in the Middle Ages he would have been the fool. We know this because even the giant 'world destruction' sign didn't stop Ninny from pressing the red button. Now, no more Ninny.

Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal


Ninny is a long amber peanut-bodied bean, he is sometimes seen with a chin and a pair of eyebrows.

Similar to Lax's appearance, Ninny sometimes appears with a thicker peanut body, with a more slightly yellowish undertone, visible upper jaw teeth, and small tufts of hair on his head.



Ninny is seen standing by a red button, saying, "I wonder what's this red button do?" before pushing it. A nuclear explosion then kills him off-screen.


Dumb Ways to Die (application)[]

Ninny can be unlocked for your Train Station, as the 16th bean to arrive at the train station in both versions. In the old version, 3000 points are required to unlock him, which is nothing compared to the 1692800 points required to unlock him in the new version. He is also the 90th thing to be unlocked in the new version.

Red Button Bonanza

Unlock at 9800 accumulated score

Ninny is unseen in his first minigame, in which the game tells the player not to push the red button. If they do not, a rainbow appears, but otherwise a nuclear explosion happens.

Button Blast

Unlock at 480200 accumulated score

Ninny also has a new game in the update where the player must remember a series of buttons to push. If they push the buttons in the correct order, fireworks will appear. If they do it incorrectly, the nuclear explosion happens again.

Much Abrew

Can't be unlocked at this point of time

Ninny has a Halloween-themed game that's similar to Button Blast, but in this game, he has to put potions in the correct order this time instead. If this is done successfully, Ninny will turn into a werewolf. Otherwise, he gets blown up again.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

Needs information

Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour[]

Needs information

Dumb Ways to Dash![]

Needs information


Comparison and Design[]

  • Ninny is the only character to talk in the original song.
  • He is one of the peanut-shaped characters, along with Lax and Munchies.
  • He's the only character in group four to be a Standard Dancer.
  • He, Bungle, Doomed and Clod (who only appears briefly) are the only characters without visible injuries in the chorus.
    • This could've also been presumed that Ninny may have been still alive since he might've survived the explosion or the explosion wasn't in the same area as he was.
  • He is the only character to be confirmed to have an alternate appearance with a different body and face, which looks similarly like Lax.
  • He might be the tallest of all the beans in the music video.



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