Ninny is the character who pushes the red button.


Ninny loves everything red. Red lights, red flags, red buttons. Always the joker, if Ninny grew up in the Middle Ages he would have been the fool. We know this because even the giant 'world destruction' sign didn't stop Ninny from pressing the red button. Now, no more Ninny.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal


Ninny appears to be an orange long peanut-bodied bean in general.

In his alternate appearance in National Waffle Iron Day post in official DWtD Facebook page, he appears to much similar to Lax except body color; an orange peanut-bodied bean whose body is thicker than his original counterpart. He has 3 hairs on his head and two front teeth on his upper jaw.



Ninny is seen standing by a red button, saying, "I wonder what's this red button do?" and pushes it causing the Earth to blow up.


Ninny is unseen in his first minigame, in which the game tells the player not to push a red button. If they press it, there will be a cutscene of the earth exploding. If they don't press it and simply wait for the time to run out, a rainbow will appear where the explosion would normally be. He's also an unlockable character for your train station.

Ninny also has a new game in the update where the player must remember a series of buttons to push. If they push the buttons in the correct order, fireworks will appear. If they push the incorrect button, the explosion from his original game appears. This game marks the only game where he makes an appearance.


  • Ninny is the only character to talk in the original song.
  • He's the only orange character of Dumb Ways to Die music video and one of the Peanut-shaped characters, along with Lax and Munchies.
  • He's the only character in group four to be a Standard Dancer.
  • According to the Dumb Ways to Valentine, Ninny was the one being attracted by the mate, while Dunce became the one who attracts the mate, which made Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community to believe that Ninny is a female.
  • He has a rare shade of orange.
  • He's the only character not shown to suffer from any bodily damage, implying that he was completely blown up. The same goes with Doomed (because he is hiding in the bag) and Clod (although he kills someone).
  • He, Doomed, and Clod are the only characters to not have any visible injuries.
  • He is the only character to be confirmed to have the alternate appearance with different body and face.


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