Phoney's gender is not confirmed by Metro yet, so the gender given in the article is decided by the Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community.
Be sure Phoney may not be a Gentleman in the DWtD series!

Phoney is a character who appears only in the print ad: "Jump on the tracks to rescue your phone."

His name was confirmed after the Practice Mode update.


He is blue, with a much more squat bean-like shape than Dunce, and is seen carrying a smartphone. His death is being run over by a train, being diced in thirds, in an attempt to save his phone.


He is seen in the Dumb Ways to Die app, in the Mind the Gap minigame, where three of him are about to board a train - the player taps anywhere on the platform area to make him jump.


  • He is frequently seen at North Melbourne, Richmond and Blackburn train stations.
  • He is one of a few characters appear in the Dumb Ways to Die app with a minigame to not appear in the song. The other is Klaus.
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