The Pie is the item that Lax consumes by one bite. It is expired like the Medicine.


The pie appears as a brown crescent moon shape, meaning that Lax took a bite.


Eat a two week old

Lax holding a pie.

In the video, Lax is holding the pie, scratching his head. He stops scratching it, and throws up all over the screen. Pieces of corn and carrot are seen in the vomit, before they slide down the camera.


In the game, if the player loses, Lax will slide on his own vomit, and will throw the pie into the air, and it will land on his face. If the player wins, Lax will cheer, still holding the pie.


  • In the interactive game for Rail Safety Week, Lax is seen famously eating the pie, but with a major difference; He actually tosses the pie into his mouth, gobbling it up before he happily greets the guests playing the game.
  • The animated gif file mistakenly labels the object as a "cookie" rather than a pie.
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  • The pie may be a chicken potpie due to the carrots and corn In the puke.
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