Set Fire To Your Hair
Poke a stick at a grizzly bear
Eat medicine that's out of date

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Poke a stick at a grizzly bear is the second line of the first verse in the song.


Dancing mr.Poker

In the chorus.

The line is characterized by a yellow figure whose head gets eaten off. Hapless is part of the first group. He and Bear are in it. The top of his body is red with a white spot for the bone and a small fountain of blood spurting from the bone.

The assumption has been made that the character is male, simply to ease reading and writing this article.


Hapless is seen (with his head) holding a stick and poking a grizzly bear which is mostly out of sight, then the grizzly bear bends down to show his head and eats Hapless' head.


Duck Duck Bear Edit

The player must tap when the bear icon is on the yellow highlighted zone. If you're too early, too late or if you don't do anything, the bear will eat Hapless's head. If you win, the bear will spit candy out.

Tip Toe Tap Edit

There is another minigame where you have to help Hapless pass a sleeping bear without waking him up. Tap one second at a time so that Hapless tiptoes pass the bear. If you tap too fast or too slow or if you don't tap at all, the bear will wake up and eat Hapless' head off, resulting in failure. If you sucessfully make Hapless to the end then Hapless will make it to the ice cream machine where he gets an ice cream cone. He will wink at you, similar to Calamity.

Candy Catch Edit

He later got his third minigame from the halloween update. The player must tilt to get the candies to the pumpkin basket. If you lose, the bear will eat his head off again, resulting in failure. If you win, Hapless and the bear will eat the candy.