Putz is the character who ran across the tracks between the platforms. His death is being hit by a train.

His name was approved by Ms.Waymark, the General Manager of the DWTD series. (ref)


Putz likes the easy life. He doesn't do effort. His philosophy on life is, 'why take the long way around when you can just run across the tracks?' If there were an award for laziness, Putz would probably have someone else pick it up for him. Ironically, 'Putz' is also the sound a train makes when it meets someone running across the tracks between platforms.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal



Putz is colored purple and always slouches. He has two ingrown teeth, and has a tiny piece of hair up his head. He is seen with a red balloon or more than one red balloon. His appearance looks a lot like a small Lax.

After his death, he appears in half, but still holding the balloon.


Hit by train

Being hit by the train.

In the video, Putz is standing on a platform, holding a balloon. His balloon escapes his hand however, then he jumps off the platform, and starts to cross the tracks and gets hit by a train, filling the screen with his mouth screaming.


App with balloons

The player must drag the balloons to his hand, or he will jump off and get hit.

He also can be unlocked in your train station.

Putz has a new game which involves him flying with several balloons. You must hold the screen and avoid the birds popping the balloons. If you dodge all the birds, Putz will land on the train station safely. Otherwise, Putz will land on the train tracks and get hit by a train again, resulting in failure.


  • Before he got sliced in half, his stance was like that of a gorilla.
  • In the website, he got sliced in thirds instead of in half, just like Stumble and Phoney.
  • He has the last line of the song.
  • In the game, he is seen with one or more red balloons.
  • He is the one of characters who have a darker spot above it's eyes, Bonehead and Reite are the other characters.
  • Putz plays Santa Claus in the Deck the Halls music video, songbook and album cover.
  • He and Doomed are the only two purple characters in the video.
  • Putz and Numskull are the characters that reach for items, being balloons and the space helmet.
  • His name is one of the slangs of a stupid person.(Source)


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