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Ruckus is a bean in the Dumb Ways to Die series. He is apart of the Sports Trio and debuted in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.

He was officially named by Metro Trains Melbourne after a vote on Facebook.


He has always had a bit of a short fuse. It was noticed when he tried to tackle the wind for being too windy. Now when things don't go his way, Ruckus will often end up doing something regrettable, like picking a fight with a surprisingly agile penguin simply for looking at his helmet. Needless to say, it never ends well for Ruckus. Penguins can be quite ferocious.

An official Facebook post


Ruckus is a light blue oval-shaped bean who wears a soft red helmet with a white stripe, he's usually seen with a brown hockey stick.


As mentioned in a Facebook post, Ruckus is said to have a short fuse, along with acting before thinking, often doing so in a somewhat embarrassing case.


  • when he appears on the site, his helmet isn't chipped.
  • He looks very similar to Loopy, both have an ice blue oval body, both wear red and white headgears, and one tooth protruding from the right side of their top jaw.
    • However, Loopy is upbeat and enthusiastic, while Ruckus is feisty and always angry.
    • Another difference is that Loopy has tufts of hair on his head, while Ruckus appears to be bald after a penguin slapped his helmet off.
  • Unlike Loopy and Zany, Ruckus only has one mini-game.
  • In the losing scene of the minigame Penguin Ice Hockey, Ruckus' body was more neon in tone.




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