Ruckus is the name of the second periwinkle blue character from the Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games. His name was officially confirmed by Metro after a vote.


He is seen with a red helmet, and with a hockey stick, as part of the Sports Trio. He appears in the Penguin Ice Hockey mini-game.

Personality Edit

As mentioned in Facebook, Ruckus is said to have a short fuse - he tends to get angry and frustrated over the little things bothering him at times - example, "It was noticed when he tried to tackle the wind for being too windy."

Ruckus tends to act before thinking, and all too often ends up in the worst situations. Case in point, "Ruckus will often do something regrettable, like picking a fight with a surprisingly agile penguin, simply for looking at his helmet. Needless to say, it never ends well for Ruckus."


  • Ruckus resembles a smallish or child stage Putz, except for a more bluish tint, and his tooth protruding from the top jaw rather than bottom jaw.
  • when he appears on the site, his helmet isn't chipped.
  • He looks very similar to Loopy, both have an iceberg blue tint, and a tooth petruding from the left side of their top jaw.
    • However, while Loopy is upbeat and enthusiastic, Ruckus is feisty and always angry.
      • Another difference is that Loopy has a hair, while Ruckus appears to be bald.


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