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Russel is a character that appeared in Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour prior to the version 1.02.


He is pretty similar to Dumbbell as a doctor in the minigame Space Monster Midwifery, except that he has different body color.


Dumb Ways to Die 3: World TourEdit

Hospital Doctor in game

He appears in the Hospital in DWtD3

He was one of the NPCs in the Hospital along with Putz, where he was seen in the pop-up message that provided a couple of options: spend 1000 Token or watch an advertisement to instantly heal the selected bean, or just close the message, which does nothing.

As of the version 1.02, he no longer be seen in game along with Putz as Hospital NPC, and Life system.


  • He is the first character to be retired in game.
Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!
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