Invite a Psycho Killer inside
Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride
Take your Helmet off in Outer Space

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Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride is the second line of the third verse. Doomed comes after Clod (Invite a Psycho Killer inside) and before Numskull (Take your Helmet off in Outer Space).



Doomed's line is characterized by a garbage bag with purple legs. For the chorus, he, Clod and Ninny are the only characters to not have any injuries.


Drug dealer

He suffers a brief death; being struck with a baseball bat by an offscreen assailant.

He is a Standard Dancer - to the best of his capabilities within the bag. He still dances, swaying his arms when the other do and so on.  

Game Edit

There are 2 games surrounding this character.  

In the first game, the player must avoid the baseball bat by moving to the right or left, depending on which side of the screen the bat is seen. If the player succeeds, the character will run away, with the scratched car following close behind. If the player fails, he will be hit with the bat and fall down and bleed. 

 The second game involves the main character running down a street with the same car chasing him. The player must avoid all the traffic cones on the road by swiping the screen to make him swerve right or left. If the player succeeds, the character will jump into a garbage truck and escape. If the player fails, the car will run over the character.