Keep a rattlesnake as a pet
Sell both your kidneys on the internet
Eat a tube of superglue


Sell both your kidneys on the internet is the 2nd line of the 4th verse.


This line is portrayed with a blue, kidney-shaped man with clearly visible red stitches on his sides, where Dunce's kidneys should be. He is always holding a large stack of cash, which he got from selling his kidneys on the internet, and is also always smiling.

In the videoEdit

The character appears on the screen dancing in an odd manner, he does not follow any other dancers, by shaking back and forth throughout nearly his entire screen time.


The player must tap the dots in order to suture Dunce's injury. If the player wins, he will continue dancing in the same way as the original video. If the player doesn't sew the wound shut, Dunce will bleed and collapse, resulting in failure.

In Dunce's second minigame, you must drag the organisms in the right spot. If you win, Dunce will give you a kiss. If you don't, Dunce will again bleed and faint, resulting in failure.

Trivia Edit

Does Falling in to a Grave Count

Losing a life in the game

  • This character is supposedly the mascot of the Dumb Ways to Die app, being the first character you unlock automatically, and also acting as a bar of your lives.
  • When you lose a life, he falls down a hole and a grave replaces it. There are three of him instead of one.