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Shonky's gender said here was assigned by Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community. It may be incorrect once it is officially announced!

Shonky is a bean that appears in the application Dumb Ways to Draw.

His name is officially announced in the YouTube video Meet the New Beans.


Shonky is a turquoise oval bean with tufts of hair on his head and wears black sunglasses and a blue necktie.


Dumb Ways to Draw[]

The offer appears when the player completes the level with the results of how many stars and Coin they earned, and features both him and the phrase 'JACKPOT! Multiply your coins'.

Once 15 or more stars are collected, the player can access the next scene, where he then appears in the middle of the roulette, which requires watching an advertisement to spin.


Meet the New Beans[]

At the beginning of the video, him and Loopy who stuck in the Wheel of Misfortune appear and he spins the wheel once. After it stops spinning and the arrow is pointing the "X2", he tries to take another spin but the wheel itself is stuck; he keeps pulling regardless and the wheel is shaking, the wheel is now spinning again but is out of the spindle, and is rolling towards him, eventually slicing him in half.


  • His name was seen in the in-game asset name before being introduced in said YouTube video; two of his sprite sheets are named "Shonky" and "Shonky_JackpotButton".


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