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Simpleton's gender said here was assigned by Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community. It may be incorrect once it is officially announced!

Simpleton is a character appears in the application Dumb Ways to Draw.

His name is officially announced in the YouTube video Meet the New Beans.


Simpleton is an oval-shaped orange bean with a couple of hairs sticking upward and wears red glasses. He is also holding a piece of paper in his right hand and a red pencil in his left hand.


Dumb Ways to Draw[]

The pop-up message that occasionally appears after making several failures in the level, which features him thinking about something and the 2 free hints offer, which requires watching an advertisement in order to be claimed.

He also appears in another pop-up message about hint offers, when clicking the hint button on top right while having no hints left.


Meet the New Beans[]

He appears after the death of Stumble and is still seeing the paper held in his left hand. He doesn't notice the rolling wheel that has Loopy in it until it comes to him nearby, getting striked by it and the pencil he held stabbed through his head upon death.


  • His name was seen in the in-game asset name before being introduced in said YouTube video; one of his sprite sheet was named "Simpleton_Freehint".
  • A TikTok post of Dumb Ways to Die showed him, Putz, and Dummkopf as playable characters in Dumb Ways to Die: Superheroes. However, they were removed for an unknown reason.


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