The Spacesuit is the item that Numskull and several other related characters wear.


Eyeballs in hands

Without the head.

The spacesuit is a grey suit with a helmet on the head part. The wearer's arms, legs and feet are covered by the spacesuit, much like her whole body.


Dumb Ways to DieEdit

The spacesuit was initially introduced in the video along with Numskull, who wears it and her head bursts.


Dumb Ways to Die appEdit

In the game, Numskull wears it again.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 the GamesEdit

Shot 2016-12-02 15-25-23

Loopy with his spacesuit

Loopy wears spacesuit in the minigame Acid Moon Walk, where he's floating on the moon that erupts acid bubbles.

Dumb Ways to Die 3: World TourEdit

As of the version 1.02, the spacesuit outfit of all 21 characters from the original video can be seen in the minigames Space Drift and Shuttle Shift.

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