Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason
Stand on the edge of a train station platform
Drive Around the Boomgates at a Level Crossing

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Stand on the edge of a train station platform is the third line of the bridge. It is also the first line related to trains.


Dead mr rocker

The line is characterized by a pink character with yellow hair, known as Stumble. His body is split in to three slices and his cell phone is sliced from his earbuds. This character is male.

In the videoEdit

Falling off

Falling off

Stumble is seen standing on the edge of a platform and then starts to lose balance, and falls off and gets run over by a train.


Three Mr. Rocker

This character appears three times in the game.

The player must move the three Stumbles below the yellow line in to dotted circles, or else the Stumbles will fall off. There are three Stumbles instead of one.

Stumble has a new game which involves him crossing a railroad. You must tap in the right time so that Stumble can cross the railroad safely, or he will be hit by a train, resulting in failure.

Other Videos Edit

Stumble starred in a video in response to the Ice Bucket Challenge.