Stumble is a character in Dumb Ways to Die who stood on the edge of a train station platform.

His name was approved by Ms. Waymark who is the General Manager of DWTD series. #

His gender was revealed by his plush information.


Stumble likes listening to dubstep music on his headphones while standing dangerously close to the edge of the platform for his train. The music helps block out the dreary monotony of commuting to work and unfortunately for Stumble - the sound of approaching trains. His favourite song goes like this Boom-ticker-ticker-boom-ticker-ticker boom…ahhhhhhhhh![1]

  1. The information of Stumble plush product



In the chorus.

Stumble is a pink character. He has long yellow hair that covers his eyes and holds a black phone with red earbuds plugged in it.


Stumble is seen standing on the edge of a train station platform. He then looks to his right and falls off. Then a train runs over him.


Three Mr. Rocker

duplicated Stumbles in his minigame.

Three Stumbles are standing on the edge of a platform. If the player wins, the Stumbles stand below a yellow line which only appears in the game. If the player loses, 1-3 of them will fall off.

He has a new game in the update where the player must stop him at railroad crossings. If they succeed, Stumble will cross the railroad safely, if not, he will be hit by a train.


Stumble about to fall onto the train tracks

Stumble about to fall onto the train tracks.

  • He is the only character without visible eyes, even when he falls off the edge of the train platform.
  • In the Dumb Ways to Die app, if you look very closely in his minigame, one smile is slighty bigger than the other Stumbles.
  • He is the only character to jump in the third row without Bonehead and Putz, and that's because he came in earlier.
  • He is one of the characters on
  • On, it takes a bit longer for the train come in.
  • In his mini-game, there are three Stumbles instead of one.
  • After his death, his disfiguration comes from the wheels of the train, as he was sliced in three portions.
  • Stumble is a pink character. The other pink characters are Dummkopf, Dippy, and Bungle.
  • He, Hapless and Phoney have black phones.
  • He also stars in another video, in which he participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge and falls from the platform.
  • In the shop page, Stumble's choice of music consists of thumping dubstep music on his headphones. According to Stumble, the music helps block out the dreary monotony of commuting to work and unfortunately the sound of approaching trains.
  • He is one of the 10 Characters to have hair. The other nine are Numpty, Loopy, Putz, Lax, Zany, Dumbbell, Boffo, Knuklehead, and Phyllis.
  • Stumble, Clod, Stupe and Botch are only characters wearing something all the time in Dumb Ways to Die. Meaning that each characters have their own headgears.


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