Stupe is a pilot who tried to fly his plane, and got decapitated after his death.


Stupe was given his name by his father Dummo, the late, great shark tamer. Like his father, Stupe's philosophy on life is that nothing is impossible. He believes that you can do anything if you put your mind to it - like teaching yourself how to fly. Many are supportive of Stupe's attribute to life. The law of gravity isn't.[1]

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Stupe get crashed

Stupe after his plane crashed.

The character is recognized as a green person with a pilot helmet on his head. He is able to pull his head completely off his body since his death.

He was seen attempting to teach himself how to properly fly an airplane. However, the plane crashed, decapitating Stupe in the process.

He is noticeably similar to Numskull, both of them have the same color (Yellow-green), wore "headgear", lost their head at one point and are absent in MIFF. The only differences are (obviously) that they both die different ways, and Stupe still has his head with his body.


In the old version. The player must blow the screen to make the plane fly.

In the new version. The player must tap the screen to "catch" the plane and stop it from hitting the ground. If you win, he recovers and continues flying. If you lose, he falls to the ground and loses his head.

Stupe also has another minigame where he's flying his plane throughout the cactus area. You must swipe the screen so that Stupe can avoid the cactuses. If you hit a cactus, Stupe's plane will crash into the cactus, throwing Stupe out, resulting in failure. If you dodge all the cactuses, Stupe's plane will fly away safely, with a present falling out of the plane.



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